Making the World a Smaller Place

Ports Closed in West Coast

Shippers at every port on the west coast will stop working this weekend LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The loading and unloading of cargo freighters will be suspended at all 29 U.S. West Coast ports this weekend because of chronic slowdowns on the docks that shippers and terminal opera
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Grim future painted for smaller container carriers

The emergence of four large alliances among the world’s largest container shipping lines is creating a two-tier market that could doom smaller carriers to hanging on to niche trades or going out of business. Unless an unexpected growth in global demand can rescue smaller shippin
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Tentative contract is reached by ILA, USMX

Tentative contract is reached by ILA, USMX to avert Feb. 7 strike at 14 U.S. ports Final deal contingent on ratification process, negotiation of local pacts. The International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) and waterfront management last Friday night reached a tentative agreem
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USEC Container Cliff in View Again

Wednesday week [February 6] in theory marks the last day of the extended US east coast dock labour contract talks; it will coincide with one of the busiest periods for the 15 container ports from Boston to Huston ahead of the Chinese new year factory shutdowns. The port employers repr
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Important Information on Strike- Countdown to Crisis in ILA Ports

COUNTDOWN to CRISIS in ILA PORTS Shippers are paying the price now to avoid costly delays that could come with an ILA strike or lockout International Longshoremen’s Association and management negotiators are running out of time to avert a threatened Maine-to-Texas dock strike th
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Work Stoppage Strike Nears for East Coast Ports

Dear Importers, As some of you may already know, there is a possibility of a work stoppage strike along the East Coast ports starting September 30, 2012. If the strike occurs, it will create extreme difficulties and disruptions in moving freight through these ports. The strike also ha
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